About Us

Our Mission at WellEQ 

The WellEQ App connects Fellow Members each on their own to achieve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellbeing.

Dealing with the challenges we all face in our daily lives becomes easier when the load is shared in a secure and confidential space provided within WellEQ.

We are all companions on the journey to inner peace and happiness.

We can all benefit from support to reduce stress, break through social barriers and deal with negative thoughts and emotions.

How the App Works - simple as 1-2-3!

1. A WellEQ Member starts a discussion. anonymously posting their thoughts and feelings. Other Members join in to share their reactions and offer mutual support in the spirit of our caring community.

2. You can refer to our library of custom-created expert articles, blogs, and ebooks whenever you wish, without charge.

3. You ask us to arrange a one-on-one consultation with a suitably qualified and experienced professionals to meet your needs – a pay-as-you-go service provided under our supervision.