Initial Effective Date on 12.04.2021 
Last Revised Version on 12.04.2021
Next review Date on 12.04.2023

1.    Disclaimers

1.    We at WellEQ take our users mental health and wellbeing very seriously.  If you are having; suicidal thoughts, planning to act on suicidal notions, feel that you may be a danger to yourself or to others, or have any medical or mental health emergency or severe mental health condition, suffering trauma, abuse, or crisis disorder; then please discontinue use of the service immediately and contact the relevant emergency service in your country and notify the police. The country-specific suicide emergency numbers are at: Suicide.org.

2.    If you are a user less than 18 years of age, please read through the WellEQ Privacy Policy and the WellEQ Terms of Service with your parent or legal guardian to understand eligibility before use. Note that WellEQ is not to be used by children under 18 years.

3.    We do not require any personal identifiers or sensitive data hence we do not ask for it. When users join the platform, they will be assigned their own unique system ID. Users will then have the opportunity to create posts about health issues they are experiencing. You will also have the opportunity to respond to users' posts. Research has shown that the service is more effective when users remain anonymous. This allows honesty and openness regarding the users mental health issues. All posts will be deleted at 2am (UTC) everyday and reset. Posts are monitored by WellEQ periodically. WellEQ is not responsible for any acts or omissions which occur as a result of the responses or posts.

4.    WellEQ gives you the opportunity to book a one on one session with a professional. These professionals range from medically qualified professionals, counselors to alternative medicine. It is the users choice as to who they engage with for one on one services. Note WellEQ is not responsible or liable for any advice taken as a result of any one on one sessions with WellEQ Professionals. The professionals have not been verified by WellEQ. It is therefore the user's responsibility to confirm identity. 

5.    At WellEQ we have a zerotolerance policy for abuse behaviour towards other users or to professionals within WellEQ. Any user who posts any material or demonstrates inappropriate, offensive or abusive behavior on the platform will be banned immediately. Any credit on account will be retained by WellEQ and the user may be reported to the appropriate authorities in the perpetrator country or state of residence. Extremist against any faith/religion, racial based on ethnicity discrimination will not be tolerated.

6.    WellEQ Services is not a state-regulated mental health service. It is an enabling and empowering mode of support, rather than treatment of illness or a health condition. 

7.    By using the WellEQ service, you understand and agree that our Professionals that you select will work with you are located remotely and may not be located in your county, country or state of residence.

8.    WellEQ cannot and will not offer medical or clinical advice in any case. In certain cases, professional or service users may refer you to seek medical advice from other professionals.

9.    WellEQ is committed to keeping your conversations private. This is outlined in our privacy policy. 

10.    It is the user's responsibility to ensure that mobile devices get the latest WellEQ App-based features and fixes. Do not share private conservation with anyone.

11.    Please do not share Your Personal data (such as full name, date of birth, gender, contact
numbers, address, financial identifiers, government-provided identifiers) or your medical-
related data or any other sensitive data (such as Your sexual preferences, religious or political
opinions, financial data) when you are using this service.