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Importance of Female Friendships Among Women


Importance of Female Friendships Among Women


As said in the popular comedy-drama series, Sex and the City, “maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with” you can evaluate the gravity of female bondings. In fact, some researchers have claimed that your girl squad can make you release more oxycontin (helpful in stimulating reproductive organs/fertility and bonding). Women all around the world have experienced the magic of the lady crew that has positively impacted them emotionally and mentally. Even if we don’t dig too much into facts and researchers, we know how incredible the thought of having our best friends as bridesmaids make us feel.


How female friendships are different from male friendships


Friendship is experienced differently by males and females. Loyalty is a big factor in determining the depth of a male connection. It's a profound connection when a guy will hold his pal down, watching out for him and standing up for him no matter what. They don't have to declare they love each other every day, and they don't have to share private tales or feelings with one another. A boy's greatest friend is someone who would lie to conceal his tracks and go to great lengths to assist him in a time of need. The trustworthiness of a female friendship, on the other hand, is generally used to gauge its depth. It's a close connection when girls know one other's deepest secrets.

A woman's closest friend is someone who can have a key to her apartment, know her credit card information, and all of her credentials without causing her any anxiety. Even if the friendship is a far distance, female best friends prefer to email each other, send photographs, or just tag each other in Facebook postings on a frequent basis. There are, of course, numerous exceptions and variances, but these are the general tendencies. This is why some girls believe guys lack genuine connections because they seldom express them, and why some boys believe girls lack meaningful friendships because they look shallow and theatrical. In actuality, love may be conveyed in a variety of ways, none of which are more legitimate than the others.


Why your girlfriends are important?


From the above discussion, it is clear that males and females perceive friendships differently, and however, a deep friendship can exist between any gender yet same-gender bondings are smoother and more on the same page. So if you are already in a state of gratitude for having amazing girl pals here are few more reasons to fall in pure bliss.


      Girlfriends can save you from serious illness


For decades, a well-known Harvard Medical School research has followed the health of nurses. The more friends these women have, the less likely they are to suffer physical impairments as they age, according to the study.

According to some studies, loneliness is as harmful to one's health as smoking and obesity. While there is a lot of activism surrounding quitting smoking and eating well, there aren't as many organisations calling attention to the public health problem of lonesome.

High stress levels can lead to chronic disease, therefore connection, intimacy, and emotional support are essential in combating them. Spending time with female friends raises serotonin levels, making us happier and healthier as a result.


That's why David Spiegel, the Head of Psychiatry at Stanford University, believes that prioritising connections with female friends is one of the finest things a woman can do for her health. In contrast, he believes that marrying a woman is one of the finest things a guy can do. While we see exercise as vital and constructive, we typically dismiss spending out with friends as a leisure activity, as Spiegel points out. In times of stress, women are physiologically wired to cultivate female friendships, according to a groundbreaking UCLA study. According to these writers, stress research has traditionally been conducted on males, leading to the conclusion that the biological reactions to stress are fight or flight.


      BFFs can ease your traumas


There are a lot of unpleasant surprises in life. Individuals, on the other hand, react to stressful life situations in very diverse ways. Those that survive are typically able to do so because of tight friendships.

As Harvard Medical School study found at how well their nurses performed after a husband died, they discovered that women who had a close friend or confidante were more likely to endure the event without developing new physical impairments or losing their vitality permanently. Women who have experienced divorce, miscarriage, or other painful life experiences are in the same boat.

A growing body of evidence suggests that social support can aid in the prevention of trauma-related illnesses like PTSD. For individuals who do suffer from these illnesses, social support can help to alleviate symptoms and improve function.


      You can’t find such support in male-female friendships


Even though we are physiologically identical, there are distinctions in how men and women interact in and respond to circumstances. Women, without generalising too much, have nurtured, mothering traits that may be compassionate and understanding when you need it most. So, whether you're venting about work or your in-laws, another woman may empathise with you, verify your logic, and connect back to you based on their own personal experiences.


      Can help you cure loneliness


The impression of being alone, rather than the actual truth of how many relationships someone has, causes the most harm, according to the Indian Journal of PsychiatryTrusted Source. This "pathological loneliness," which has been linked to a range of health issues, is becoming increasingly prevalent.

“We need to prioritise friendships,” Dr Bash adds. “Plan girls' evenings and lunches with your girlfriends! Prepare ahead of time.” Instead of texting or talking on Facebook, Bash recommends taking up the phone and having real interactions. That isn't to say that the Internet can't be used to help you form or maintain friendships. Many women, on the other hand, form lasting friendships through Facebook groups, neighbourhood listservs, and even Tinder-style dating applications.


      You can get a fresh perspective


“A female friend may provide you a new viewpoint in times of need,” adds Breanna, despite the fact that women enjoy the affection and support of their spouses. “A female friend may function as an outsider looking in when it comes to relationships, providing honest advice that we may not always want to hear but that can favourably impact our judgments. Female companions may boost your self-esteem as well. A good female friend would tell you why you deserve that promotion or why your husband should treat you better rather than fat-shaming you or allowing you to fat-shame yourself. You should feel secure and supported after leaving a conversation with a nice female friend.


      Women uplift each other


Your female pals are your wing women, cheerleaders, and hype guys, so they'll always have your back. Your girlfriends will be there to rejoice with and elevate you, whether you need a pick-me-up or are having a great day. While male friends may do this as well, female friendships have a level of understanding that can make the exchange even more precious.


When you encourage your girls, they encourage you. It becomes a radical cycle of happiness and optimism.



      It’s the ultimate support system


As stated in Settle Times women are confidantes in one another's secrets, boosters of one another's shaky self-esteem, and co-conspirators in life's experiences. They keep each other healthy and improve one another via laughter, tears, and an endless stream of conversation.

Females have joined together for safety and mutual assistance throughout animals and human civilisations. They've groomed each other, looked after each other's children, nursed each other when they were sick, and engaged in the mindless sociability that has perplexed male anthropologists.

The power of women, on the other hand, is beginning to reveal its secrets to scientists. Women's companionship not only governs but also defends them. It softens the blows of life's transitions, reduces blood pressure, increases immunity, and aids in the healing process. It might explain why, on average, women have lower incidences of heart disease and live longer lives than males.


      Work friends can boost your career and help in fighting gender inequality at work


Women assisting one another in the workplace can help to reduce workplace inequality. Women hiring, promoting, and mentoring other women all contribute to ending the systematic inequality that sees women compensated and promoted less than males. In many sectors, however, relationship-building is critical to success. Female friendships foster the same abilities that are required for developing relationships in the job, whether with clients, customers, or coworkers.


Furthermore, workplace connections are beneficial to the company. Employees who have the best buddy at work are more engaged, productive, and successful in their professions, according to a Gallup research of more than five million employees. And, perhaps most importantly, employers are less inclined to terminate pals. There is still a prevalent belief that work and personal life should be kept separate. But, in reality, having a "work wife" may make a huge difference in the decades we spend at work.

We can keep sane despite the stress of our professions by spending time with friends both within and outside of work hours. As a result, it's paradoxical that work frequently compels us to put our pals on the back burner.



We hope all these shreds of evidence are enough to make you rush towards your girlfriends and tell them how special they are. The WellEQ advice to you is to make these bonds stronger and keep scheduling hangouts on regular basis.