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Questions You Need To Ask When You Are In A Relationship


Being in a relationship is indeed a full bloom of rollercoaster emotions and we mean every shade of emotions. You will feel the highest of happiness, betrayal, jealousy, security, invincibility, and sadness. Yes, relationships are indeed quite a colourful ecosystem in themselves. However, being in a relationship is not as flowery as it sounds and at times you have to unlearn and relearn the whole process of loving. In this quest, communication plays an important role in bringing you closer to your partner. This is as simple as this, yet often times we miss a big time in either communicating or understanding. Keeping this thing into consideration, here are some questions that you need to ask when in a relationship. 


How important is communication in a relationship?


A good partnership requires effective communication, which is a crucial component of all relationships. All relationships have their ups and downs, but having a good communication style can help you deal with disagreements and forge a stronger, deeper connection.


We frequently hear how important communication is, but we rarely learn what it is or how to use it effectively in our relationships. In any relationship, communication is crucial because it enables you to express your thoughts, feelings, and expectations clearly. Many people avoid communicating because they are afraid of being rejected or of upsetting or possibly losing their relationships, relatives, or friends.



How to communicate in a relationship? 


Chat with one another. You cannot read your partner's mind, no matter how well you know and love each other. To prevent misconceptions that can lead to hurt, rage, resentment, or confusion, we must speak clearly.


Relationships require two people, each of whom has unique communication needs and preferences. Finding a communication strategy that works for a couple's relationship is essential. Effective communication requires effort and hard work. There will never be an ideal time for communication.


When speaking with your partner, be explicit so that your point is accepted and comprehended. Verify that you have understood what your spouse has spoken twice.



Questions you need to ask your partner


      Do you think my stretch marks are unattractive? 


Let's be honest: every woman gets stretch marks, which are absolutely natural and even attractive! It's not even required for you to have lost a significant amount of weight; even slim females have scars!


      Who should pay for the first date?


Customarily, the first date is paid for by the male. To "take care of you" in this way offers them a sense of achievement and happiness. To "man up" in the relationship.


Nevertheless, other males want to share the cost for financial equality or simply because they don't make much money (but don't want to tell you that). They may also wish to avoid generating the impression that they will always pay when you visit the city.



      What are the things I do that really turn you on?


According to Suwinyattichaiporn, the majority of breakups and divorces are prompted by unhappiness with the sexual connection. Because this is clearly a major impediment, why not address it right away?



      Are Periods Really That Bad?


Every male has been on the receiving end of a mood fluctuation from their partner while on their menstruation. Sorry for the gals out there, because on their monthly visit, they transform into monsters.




      What are your thoughts on marriage? 


Every woman wants to be confident that she is with the correct man from the start. She wants to make sure she isn't wasting her time with someone who is anti-marriage and unwilling to commit for a future, correct?


      Do you believe in love? 


This may come as a surprise to you, but yes! Other males, in my opinion, are more supportive of love than women. But the rationale is different. With males, it's less about getting love and more about expressing their feelings for you.



      What do you think is the best quality for you? 


According to Suwinyattichaiporn, the response to this question might be highly informative. If your companion can't think of almost anything, it may indicate that they need to perform some inner work before starting a new relationship.


      What does commitment mean to you? 


Ethically non-monogamous (ENM) partnerships are becoming more common, so it's vital to find out where your spouse stands on this early on, advises McNeil. If being in an ENM relationship benefits both of you, that's fantastic!


      Do girls kiss and tell? 


Kissing and sharing are frowned upon by civilization, yet some males just can't stop talking about the female they went out with the other night. It's not acceptable to brag about the lady from last night, but it's a truth we must all confront. Guys aren't the only ones who kiss and tell; ladies do it with their pals whenever the occasion presents itself.


      Do you think that a serious relationship will take your freedom away? 


Why would your lover take away your freedom if he or she loves you? Nothing beats being granted the space you require yet feeling a genuine connection in your relationship. This is most likely simply a weak excuse for someone not wanting to be in a committed relationship.



      Does size matter? 


The size of men's sex organs has been a source of contention since the start of time. Is it too large or too small? The possibilities are limitless. The questions aren't for males, as men are more interested in what the other gender thinks about the size of Johnsons. Is it true that size matters?


      Who as a couple do you admire the most and why? 


This is another excellent technique to gain insight into what your spouse is ultimately seeking. Let's talk about it!


      Do you like makeup? 


Typically, males will respond that no cosmetics or minimal makeup is preferable. I enjoy it when girls use cosmetics because it indicates they care about themselves.



      Is it tough to make your partner happy? 


Is your refusal to do something that you know will make a lady happy motivated by ego? Why can't guys see that by making their partner happy, they're making themself happy? While we should not depend on others to achieve happiness, we all like being cared for and, of course, we anticipate this from our spouse on a regular basis.