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Science of Making A Guy Chase You


Science of Making A Guy Chase You


Here is something exclusively for the ladies! Who grew up watching Disney movies and wishes to have a perfect prince charming yet when life happens then one is exposed to heartbreaks and one-sided affection or maybe being approached by the wrong guy. Moreover, nowadays the line between specific gender roles is blurring and ladies are quite comfortable in pursuing. Which later make women more vulnerable to being rejected, ghosted or used sexually. However, these issues can be overcome by understanding the basic biological formation and recognising men as chasers. If you too are scared of losing your man and want him to go crazy about and fall for you even harder, simply make him chase you.


This is how evolution was designed. This is the same reasoning that is used to perfection by social media, video games, and everything else you find addicting! The idea of thinking there's something waiting for you at the end of the tunnel, even if getting there is extremely tough. And you win a little something along the way, which keeps you motivated and focused.


Why does playing hot and cool always work?


Cognitive Dissonance is the psychological discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously believes two or more conflicting beliefs, concepts, or values, according to psychology (Festinger, 1957). When dissonance is present, it is exceedingly difficult to focus on anything other than the source of the tension and a way to alleviate it.


When we try to reconcile mixed signals — behaviour that shows a person loves us vs. behaviour that indicates they don't — we feel dissonance in relationships. When you both hit it off (hot), and then the other person walks away abruptly, that's a typical example (cold). The contradictory indications give us an uneasy psychological sense, which we try to alleviate.



Tips for making a man chase you:


1. Be a woman of substance


If you've studied masculine psychology, you'll know that while men appreciate physical attractiveness, they place a higher value on a woman who is strong, capable, and independent. You must become the finest version of yourself if you want the best of guys to fall for you. Work hard, party harder, enjoy your life, be kind, and watch him yearn to be a part of it.


Instead of doing things that irritate guys and drive them away, you should make yourself alluring to the man you want to chase. Using male psychology, you may easily make a guy chase you. All you have to do now is convince him that you're a lady worth fighting for.



2. Make yourself appear busy


You may be watching The Vampire Diaries on the sofa all day, but the key is that you need to portray him when you're occupied.


You won't always be able to respond to his messages or hang out with him at the drop of a hat. He should buy a dog if he wants a constant companion. He needs to see that you're doing your own thing.


3. Hold the urge to ask him out every time


Make an effort not to be the first to make the first move. You may be a strong woman, but men enjoy the thrill of the hunt. He shouldn't take you for granted, either. You'll gradually be less of a girlfriend and more of a social life planner if you constantly initiating social activities.


4. Deny him in the first instance


People desire something they are unable to have. Women have known and used this physiological trigger intuitively for a long time, long before Cialdini documented it in his groundbreaking book Influence. When you refuse him, you are shaking him from his ego's basis. Many guys will want to prove you incorrect and show you how fantastic he really is at that time.



5. Make him chase you, not ‘use’ you


Women, despite their wit, can be rather delusory at times. They believe that all guys desire sex (really?). And if they give him what he wants, he'll fall head over heels in love with them. Wrong. But if you do that, you'll almost certainly be left scratching your head as to how to get a man to pursue you down after you've slept with him. It's likely that you won't be able to. If you want a chance with a man, you must first understand what makes a man chase a woman. And, contrary to common belief, the solution isn't only about sex.


If you know anything about male psychology, you'll know that men are drawn to women who can provide them with more than just their bodies. They, like women, are yearning for warmth, comfort, security, and friendship. Nevertheless, you must be sexually compatible with him, so make sure you like the deed as much as he does.


6. Don’t be overtly sexual


You shouldn't be overly sexual at the beginning of a relationship as a woman. Keep bodily contact light, such as a touch on the elbow or a hand on the thigh. Intimacy is still a huge milestone in any relationship, no matter how 'advanced' and modern you and your guy are. Also, don't smother him all of the time. Maintain a safe distance.



7. Always keep some sense of mystery


Even though you enjoy hearing about each other's lives, it's still a good idea to keep certain information to yourself. Men like figuring out women who are a mystery to them. That's when the adrenaline of pursuing kicks in. Rather than being a diary, become a mystery. If you keep slipping every piece of information about yourself into your chats, he may get less interested in knowing more about you by the conclusion of each one.


8. Show him that he is not the only one who is chasing you


Because he isn't. Listen, there are at least a handful of guys that are vying for the chance to date you. However, you must demonstrate to him that he is not alone. Show other people photographs of you on Instagram or tag them in updates. The point is that he has to realize that you're in high demand. He'd be prepared to pursue and follow you harder and longer if he thought you were in high demand.



9. Be an absolute eye candy


Remember the power of appealing to a man's senses while figuring out what makes him seek a woman. Visual impressions are an effective way to get access to a man's thinking. Whether you are beautiful or ordinary in appearance, always make an effort to look the best. It's just standard dating etiquette. You become attracted to him when you look and smell wonderful. He fantasizes about spending all of his time with you. And it's only logical that he'll be on the lookout for you on the following dates.


10. Don’t be afraid to walk out if he is not worth it


Aside from love and relationships, always prioritize your self-respect and value. Walk left on him if you notice he isn't really interested in you and is toying around with around. You are deserving of better. "Can you deceive a guy into following you?" you might wonder if you're already invested. Yes, you certainly can. However, you must also ask yourself, "Is it worth it?"


What good is it to persuade him to hunt you down and win your heart if his heart isn't in it? Manipulation isn't a good basis for a long-term partnership.



Some golden dating rules


Now that you are reading an article on how to make a guy chase you, it is evident that you are not in a relationship yet. On the other hand, rejection may hurt you to the core hence here are some dating tips to follow.


      Date multiple people at once


Do yourself a favour and test the waters before committing to a committed relationship. Because if you don't, here's what's most likely to happen: You meet someone you like, you go out with them again, things start to heat up, and then—bam—they either pull away, disappear, or tell you they're not looking for anything serious. You're now shattered because you've invested emotionally in them, but they haven't invested in you at all. Disappointment stings when you've grown even the tiniest attachment to someone. Put a symbolic egg in numerous baskets to save oneself the pain.


      Be upfront if you want a relationship


If that's what you're looking for. There's nothing to gain from concealing the fact that you're seeking your forever partner, but there's a lot to lose. For one thing, you'll lose your emotional sanity if the person you've been seeing insists on keeping things casual, and two, you'll waste a lot of energy.


      Give them at least 2 weeks to reach you out


Someone may need to figure out how compatible you two are and what plans they can make even after a fantastic date. I wouldn't put too much stock in how soon they text you—as long as it's within two weeks, that is. That's more than enough time for someone to determine whether or not they want to see you again.


We hope these tips have helped you in overcoming the dilemma. Keep following WellEQ for more information.